AP Dodson’s Top 6 Benefits To Living in a Residential Community

Jun 5, 2023

Choosing a home is a big decision, but don’t forget about the importance of location! Loving where you live is just as important as loving your home. That’s why living in a residential community can offer you numerous benefits and a truly fulfilling lifestyle. From the sense of belonging and community spirit to the convenience of amenities and shared spaces, there are countless reasons why living in a residential community might be the perfect choice for you. Discover the joy of community living with these 6 benefits of living in a residential community. After reading the blog, find your dream home in welcoming and vibrant neighborhoods where AP Dodson homes can be found today!

Speed Control 

How many highways, major roads, or intersections have signs that warn you of children playing or have speed limits that are 25 and under? Not many. 

With lower speed limits, typically around 25 miles per hour, you can enjoy a safer and more peaceful environment. Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of busy roads, as residential areas prioritize the safety and tranquility of their residents. With numerous strategically placed stop signs, you can rest assured that traffic is carefully regulated within the neighborhood. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with living in a residential community, where the focus is on creating a calm and secure environment for you and your family.

Safer for Kids and Pedestrians

Many residential communities have designated sidewalks, pathways, larger spaces, and sometimes bike paths. All of these areas provide a higher level of security for children playing, bikers, people on a walk, and dogs. Frequent stop signs and low-speed limits help to reduce the chance of speeding or reckless driving that could endanger others. 

In most residential areas, the community will have a neighborhood watch. These neighborhood watches consist of a group of neighbors that are tasked with monitoring the area for crime, vandalism, or any other disturbances. Even if a community does not have a neighborhood watch, most will still look out for their neighbors and report anything suspicious.

Enhanced Privacy 

Residential neighborhoods can provide you with more privacy. You can take solace in knowing that your home isn’t in a city, on a busy street, or in a heavily foot-trafficked area. With a smaller amount of people in the area comes a better chance of having the privacy you want and need. Residential communities foster a sense of mutual respect and privacy among neighbors. Living in such neighborhoods means that residents value and understand the importance of personal space and privacy. You can feel confident that your neighbors will afford you the same level of privacy that you desire. Whether it’s enjoying quiet evenings on your porch or having a peaceful backyard retreat, residential communities prioritize creating an atmosphere where everyone can have their own personal sanctuary. Embrace the harmonious balance between community connection and individual privacy that living in a residential neighborhood provides.

Cleaner and Better Maintained Neighborhood 

Residential areas tend to be cleaner and better kept than cities and main roads. Some neighborhoods have a Homeowners Association, otherwise known as HOA, that focuses on the beautification and maintenance of the community. 

As a result, you don’t have to worry about trash in the road, broken street lights, unclean parks, or neighboring homes with extremely overgrown grass. In these communities, everyone is expected to keep to certain standards that keep the neighborhood safe, clean, and functioning.

Community Resources

One of the better parts of residential communities is the access to community resources. Resources can include parks, green spaces, ponds, playgrounds, town centers, pavilions, and pools. These areas are great places for families, couples, singles, or kids to be active and enjoy some outdoor time. 

The green areas, parks, ponds, and pavilions give the neighborhood a feeling of being closer to nature and not crowded like a city. Having community resources is also great for pet owners who want to take their pets for a walk or for outdoor activities. 

A Sense of Community

Beyond looking out for one another, residents will often have a bond or sense of community. Residential neighborhoods will sometimes have neighborhood block parties, crawfish boils, swim parties, barbecues, tailgates, and many other get-togethers. When you live in one of these areas you and your neighbors may feel a sense of trust and common interest in keeping the neighborhood safe. 

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