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Taught by the best in the business. Brandon harnesses the training he had from his father, Mickey Dodson, and grandparents, AP and Clara Dodson, to bring three generations of precise skill and tremendous experience to the construction industry. Throughout his life, Brandon was always on the jobsite with his family–working in all trades and eventually, learning all the ins and outs of the business. He has been directly involved with construction and development since 2003, putting everything he has learned into making solid homes.

Together with his wife, Ronyell, he runs A.P. Dodson unlike any other homebuilding company. “Hands-on” and “In-the-field,” as solid as the home he builds. He is the kind of builder who likes to manage things on-site and in-person. A truly impressive trait of an owner and operator in today’s production-based economy. This is what sets A.P. Dodson’s work apart from other builders. It isn’t just decades of experience that they bring to the table. It’s three solid generations of it–and more.

the Dodson Dedication: Why Choose Us as Your Residential Home Builder

Your home is often your biggest investment.  You want quality.  Our homes are characterized by quality materials, construction, and customer service. We build custom homes with a quality that will last your family for generations - we know because we've been doing it for generations.