Building with AP Dodson: Our Process

Dec 1, 2021

Congratulations on taking the first step towards building your new home! Between early morning chores and getting ready for school to take out dinners and late night cocktails, the home design you choose will help build a lifestyle for you and your family to create lasting memories. Our custom home building process helps you get there.

You may have already begun your research into specific floor plans, finishes and colors you love – we know, it can become overwhelming trying to foresee what the design will look like and how it will function. Where should the front door go? How much should I spend on windows? If my ceilings are 12 feet, how much crown molding should I use? These are critical questions to consider when choosing a house design. 

custom home building process

Two things to remember going forward; 1) this is supposed to be fun! 2) AP Dodson’s custom home building process is here to guide you from design and finish selections to breaking ground and moving in! Here’s a little deeper explanation of what you can expect when partnering with AP Dodson for your new construction build. 

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Winston Churchill

When selecting a design for your home, it’s important to consider each of your family members future lifestyle needs. AP Dodson understands building homes for families because we ARE a family. We’re a family that understands the value a home holds. Whether you’re looking to move into a move-in-ready new construction home, or want to customize your home from the ground up, AP Dodson is here to ensure you get a quality, affordable home without settling in the process. We’re here to meet all of your home building needs, and have fun along the way!

Your home. Your way. 

Building your own home should be customizable every step of the way—including the process. AP Dodson’s custom home building services are distinct from other builders by providing the owner with options every step of the way. There are no builder-specific limitations here. Let’s build the home of your dreams.

A custom home means you get exactly what you’re looking for in a home. The choice is yours from location to cabinet knobs. AP Dodson custom homes are full of character, quality, and individuality based on the client’s desires.

AP Dodson is with you throughout the entire building process. Here’s how it starts: 

Our Custom Homebuilding Process

1. Choose a location 

  • The location of where you want to live can dictate the type of house you’re able to build. For example, single-family homes allow for a larger backyard for your family to enjoy backyard BBQs, install a pool, or play fetch with the dog. However, if you enjoy spending time in the city or value being able to walk or ride to all of your amenities, a townhome in a new community could be better. 
  • Take a look at where your family spends the most time in your house and what each local community offers. If your family enjoys spending time outdoors, building a house with views of the backyard could be important, while others might value the convenience of a multi-family community where everything is within walking distance.

2. Pick a Plan

  • AP Dodson has a library of floor plans you can choose from, or you can have a completely custom floor plan created. You decide where the windows go, how tall the ceilings will be and how large of a kitchen island you want. Whatever your needs are in your home, accommodations can be made to fit your qualifications. Anything is possible with AP Dodson. 

3. Get Started

  • AP Dodson will begin construction on your custom home after the plan has been drawn and all approvals have been confirmed. Our team will oversee the project, and invite you to give approvals and feedback at key points in the process as progress is made.

4. Make your selections

  • This is the fun part where we get to add character and style to your home and watch the vision come to life. Choose every component of your home’s selections- flooring, tile, paint colors, light fixtures, counter tops, cabinet pulls and more. No need to stress. We have an in-house designer who is able to assist you throughout the process. This is your home, you should love every detail.

5. Move in! 

  • Congrats are in order because the work is done! It’s time to move into the home you’ve been working on for months. With AP Dodson, our generations of experience will offer you a completed home that you will enjoy for years to come. Move-in and get your life started in the custom home of your dreams.

Always remember – building a custom home is supposed to be fun! AP Dodson is here to help ensure the process is done efficiently and correctly while having a good time getting it done.  Whatever unique design ideas you have or if you’re envisioning something that seems impossible, we’ll help make it happen.