AP Dodson Design Process with Kristina Petit

Apr 5, 2022

Where to begin?

There are many decisions to consider when you are building a home and the interior design process may seem overwhelming. After picking the lot (which is a huge decision in itself), the interior design process begins…

  • What backsplash do you want in the kitchen?
  • Does the backsplash you go with complement the countertops? 
  • What color should the kitchen cabinets be? 
  • I don’t know what light fixtures I like best!

The first step the AP Dodson team takes before building your home is to build your trust.   

You may have a Pinterest board full of images of what you want your new home to look like, or you have no idea and just want to “see it in person.” Either way, the AP Dodson team is here to help take the pressure off so you can enjoy the process. 

We thought it would be helpful for you to get to know our in-house Design Consultant, Kristina Petit who will take the lead in helping you turn the blueprints of your house into your family home. 

Let’s get to know Kristina!

How long have you been working in design? 

I’ve been working in design for myself through my company Kristina’s Collective Interiors for nearly two years. With my schooling and background, I have been able to experience a variety of facets of design. I’ve done clothing design, product design and branding, and interiors but began renovating homes with my husband about a decade ago. This is how my passion for interiors evolved into a career. 

How would you describe your point of view as a designer? 

My background in fashion results in a unique point of view on home interior design. It definitely affects the way I design and my internal process. I see spaces and homes as a collection – just like a clothing collection, and I like to build around a statement piece or print. I’d say my overall style is sophisticated, chic, livable, and always includes a statement or a bit of drama. And that’s what I bring into every AP Dodson project. 

What do you like most about working on new construction projects? 

I love that I’m able to create a cohesive beautiful vision from a blank slate. 

Each space offers its own personality. That personality flows from one space to another and they relate to and complement each other as a whole. I really aim to create a home for a specific person or family. I don’t aim to be totally neutral, there’s enough of that on the market already. I want the right client to walk into one of our homes and say to themselves, “I can see myself living here.” My hope is that they can picture the vision I had and they fit together perfectly.

I also think it’s ideal for our clients because, with AP Dodson, no two houses are the same so you’re more likely to find the one that uniquely matches you.

What’s the process like if a customer wants to customize an AP Dodson floor plan?

We go over the floor plan a client has chosen and make any revisions with the draftsman within certain parameters.

What add-ons does AP Dodson offer?

As a semi-custom home builder, there are a lot more options than you’d see at other builders. We can customize most things, including plumbing, tile, trim, lighting, and hardware, and we always do our best to accommodate our client’s requests. 

What design elements create the most impact?

I find in new construction where you’re dealing mostly with interior finishes, tile, lighting, and paint create the most impact in a space. 

What colors are you most drawn to?

Most recently all shades of green, blue, and light wood finishes. I love that depending on the hue, it can be either a relaxing space or a very dramatic space. 

Home in Bellingrath Estates in Central, LA

What do you find most rewarding when a home is totally done? 

Seeing so many individual design elements come together to create a particular vision is what keeps me going. To see something go from concept to a tangible home you can walk through is just my favorite thing.

Any tips for using lighting in a space? 

I think of lighting and hardware like the accessories on an outfit. Depending on what you choose it can be subtle and sophisticated or incredibly dramatic. 

What is a signature AP Dodson design feature?

home interior design process
Home in Materra in Baton Rouge, LA

I’d say our lintels and beams and trim work are signature AP Dodson. Our clients really seem to love the element of warmth the stained wood adds to the beams on the ceiling and above doorways. 

Describe the personality of some of the AP Dodson communities.  

I think all of our communities are wonderful family-friendly communities. Cypress Lakes has a great playground, and Meadows at Oak Grove has a great community pool. Materra has a great location for families and professionals in south Baton Rouge. 

Where do you go for inspiration? Magazines? Accounts online? 

Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere. I’m inspired by fashion, travel, and people’s lifestyles constantly. But I am particularly drawn to prints, fabrics, and textiles. I think inspiration can hit in even the most unexpected of places. 

There’s no doubt you’re in good hands with our team. Ready to meet Kristina and get started on your new home?

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