Choosing the Right Floor plan to Fit your Lifestyle with AP Dodson

Jun 15, 2023

Are you researching what floorplan for your next home is right for you and your family? Are you feeling overwhelmed or uncertain by all the options? Are you wondering how to choose a house plan? You may be unsure about which home’s floor plan best fits your lifestyle and family’s day-to-day routine. AP Dodson is here to help. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right floor plan for your new home. Whether you’re looking for a spacious family home or a convenient townhome, finding the floor plan that aligns with your lifestyle is essential and can help enhance your daily routines. 

We thought it would be helpful to explore the top 5 factors to consider when choosing the perfect floorplan for your family home or townhome.

How to choose floor plan - kitchen

Space and Layout

The first consideration when selecting a floor plan is evaluating the space and layout that best suits your lifestyle. For a family home, prioritize ample bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas for family gatherings. In contrast, townhomes offer efficient use of space with open floor plans that maximize every square foot.

There is some good news – AP Dodson has homes available that fit this exactly. You can find a range of two to four bedrooms and open floor plans in AP Dodson homes. This makes these houses perfect for large or growing families, entertaining, and in-laws that are visiting. 

How to choose floor plan - living room

Functional Design

Consider the functionality of the floor plan. Does it cater to your daily activities and needs? Look for features like a well-designed kitchen, sufficient storage space, and well-defined areas for relaxation, work, and play. Families may benefit from additional amenities like a mudroom or a dedicated play area, while townhome dwellers may appreciate low-maintenance designs.

In AP Dodson builds you will find floor-to-ceiling cabinets meeting all of your storage needs as well as mudrooms and drop-off spaces. Plus, some of our homes feature outdoor dining spaces perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. 

How to choose floor plan - muddroom

Privacy and Personal Space

Privacy is important for everyone, and the floor plan should reflect that. In family homes, consider the separation of bedrooms from common areas to provide quiet and privacy. Townhomes often offer multi-level living, allowing for designated private spaces on different floors.

Ensuring that you have privacy on your property and in your home are two key factors that are taken into consideration when building AP Dodson homes. Luckily, homebuyers can take comfort in knowing that the communities are safe and the bedrooms in the homes are separated from the living areas. 

Choosing a floorplan - kitchen

Outdoor Living

Consider your preferences for outdoor living spaces. Families might prioritize a spacious backyard for children to play, while townhome residents may appreciate a balcony or patio for outdoor relaxation. Assess the available outdoor space and envision how it aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Fortunately for our homebuyers in Lakeview, their backyard will feature just that – a view of the lake! What could spark more outdoor living than a lake? Additionally, residents in the Materra community have access to many walking trails, greenspaces, outdoor amenities, and walks around the ponds. 

How to choose a house plan - outdoor kitchen

Future Flexibility

Anticipate your future needs when selecting a floor plan. Will your family grow? Do you require a home office or a guest room? Ensure the floorplan can adapt to your changing needs and offers flexibility to accommodate future changes, such as room conversions or additions.

Planning can help you determine what kind of home is best suited for you and your family. AP Dodson has a variety of homes that include two to four bedrooms, office spaces, and large common areas. Whether you need a guest bedroom for your in-laws, an office for work, a mudroom for quick changes into raincoats, or a large living room for your whole family to relax in, a home from AP Dodson has you covered. 

Choosing the right floor plan for your family home or townhome requires thoughtful consideration of various factors. By evaluating the space, functionality, privacy, outdoor living options, and future flexibility, you can make an informed decision that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Finally, you can stop asking yourself how to choose a house plan.

Work alongside a team of professionals to help you during your research phase and to help locate all of your options. The AP Dodson team is here to offer just that! Contact us today to help you find the right home plan, location, and even design choices that you’re looking for in your new home! 

Whether you’re seeking a spacious family home or a low-maintenance townhome, selecting the ideal floor plan sets the foundation for comfortable living and lasting happiness in your new home. Find the home of your dreams by visiting our website or calling our agent at The W Group today! (225)414-4445