AP Dodson’s Top 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space

Jul 24, 2023

It may seem like the summer heat is here to stay but here’s a reminder that cooler temperatures are just around the corner! Now is the ideal time to start planning and creating your perfect outdoor living space, ready to be enjoyed when fall arrives. At AP Dodson, we understand the significance of outdoor living areas, and we’re committed to helping you make the most of them.

Discover our Top 4 ways to elevate your outdoor living space:

Seating and Tables

It may seem obvious, but seating is our first go to for enhancing your outdoor living area. Add lawn chairs, outdoor couches, hammocks, or porch swings, outdoor seating helps create an atmosphere that invites people to unwind from the day and relax. 

Like many of our available homes, lot 11 in Settlement at Silverstone includes an expansive front porch perfect for outdoor seating. Having chairs outside allows you to partake in a range of outdoor activities besides sitting. You can participate in bird watching, sitting around a fire pit for smores, stargazing, and relaxing with a good book to read!

The perfect pair to go along with seating is tables, which can include side tables, picnic tables, outdoor coffee tables, and dining tables. Having coffee and side tables can provide convenience for you and your guests

If you love to entertain and have large parties of people over, picnic tables and dining tables are for you! With both of these tables, you can give your guests an ample number of places to sit and enjoy their food! Most AP Dodson homes provide side or back porches that are the perfect size for having tables and seating. So with AP Dodson, there is no need to worry about having the best entertainment spot.

Outdoor Kitchenettes

Passionate about cooking and hosting gatherings for friends and family? Look no further than AP Dodson homes, which often include outdoor amenities like outdoor grills and sinks. One in particular is Lot 141 in the Meadows at Oak Grove – iImagine the joy of having friends over for a barbeque, crawfish boil, tailgate, Super Bowl watch party, and countless other memorable events. This home offers the perfect setting to make your house the ultimate hub for get-togethers, parties, and cherished family gatherings. Elevate your hosting game and create cherished memories in the heart of your dream home


Lighting serves not only as a practical solution to keep your backyard well lit but also as an enchanting feature for your outdoor space. With an array of options available, including string lights, Solar LED lights, in-ground lights, and lanterns, you can choose the perfect lighting to set the mood during evening gatherings with loved ones and enhance safety. Adequate backyard lighting ensures a clear view of your property, reducing the risk of accidents.

In homes built by AP Dodson, you will notice the pride we take in incorporating exquisite lighting fixtures that not only brighten your porch but also elevate the overall appeal of your home. Lot 246 in Bellingrath Estates, for instance, boasts two stunning hanging lanterns that exude elegance and add a touch of class to the home’s exterior. Experience the charm of well-designed lighting in your dream home.

Embrace Landscape, Plants and Storage

Embrace the beauty of nature and elevate your outdoor living space with a harmonious blend of landscape, plants, and smart storage solutions. Transform your backyard into a serene oasis by incorporating lush greenery and colorful blooms that add vibrancy and charm. GOOD NEWS  – All AP Dodson’s move-in ready homes come complete with a fully landscaped yard and sod! 

At AP Dodson, we believe that embracing landscape, plants, and storage is the key to curating an outdoor sanctuary that complements your lifestyle and fosters unforgettable moments with loved ones. Discover the joy of outdoor living with our expert guidance and start creating your perfect escape today.

AP Dodson has a large selection of available homes that include some of these amenities in their front, side, and back yards. Whether you want to find a home with the perfect outdoor space or features, AP Dodson has you covered. If you are looking for a local, experienced hand to walk through the homebuying process with, then AP Dodson will stand by your side! Find the home of your dreams by visiting our website or giving our agent, at The W Group a call today! (225)414-4445