AP Dodson’s Top 3 Colors You Should have in your Home

Apr 28, 2023

Designing a home is just as important as buying one. Most people want to make sure that the interior of their home not only looks nice but also reflects their personality and style. One component of mastering interior flow and cohesiveness in your home is by knowing what colors to use and how to pair them. Our team at AP Dodson wants to help you not only find your next home but design it to make it your own!

Green: relaxation, growth, harmony

Many of our AP Dodson homes feature accent colors throughout the homes. One of the colors you can find in some of the homes is retreat green. 

Green is not only the color of grass and the color of the leaves on Louisiana’s beautiful oak and magnolia trees but also is a color associated with growth. Having green accents in your home has been known to bring out feelings such as harmony, safety, peace, relaxation, and hope. Green has properties that cause relaxation and can reduce stress levels. 

When you are decorating a room with green accents, it is best to choose furniture or decor that pairs well with it. Retreat pairs well with spare white, origami white, and verdigreen. The use of these colors along with the green accents will light up the room and will make it feel cohesive.

If you are looking for a home that has green features check out Lot 34 in Magnolia Crossing. In this beautiful home, you can find retreat-colored cabinetry in the gourmet kitchen. Visit the link provided to learn more about this available home: https://apdodson.com/home/magnolia-crossing-lot-34/ 

Gray: Practicality, balance, control

Sometimes gray is associated with rainy days and dullness, but at AP Dodson we strive to use the qualities of various colors to the advantage of each home we build. Gray accents can positively improve your space by providing feelings of neutrality, practicality, control, and balance. 

In some of our homes, you can find westchester gray and iron ore. One home that features westchester gray is lot 38 in our Materra community. It’s hard not to see the classiness of the westchester gray throughout this home. It can be found matching not only the granite countertop of the island but also the hardwood flooring in the mud room. Not only does westchester gray work well against hardwood flooring but also alongside many other colors. To enhance your space you could pair westchester gray with decor or accents featuring black, chelsea gray, or polished mahogany.

You can find iron ore in one of our homes in Bellingrath Estates. Lot 246 has a gourmet kitchen with iron ore painted cabinets. The gray cabinets combined with the marble countertops and stainless appliances create an aesthetically pleasing environment. One of the most appealing features of having iron ore in your home is the ability to pair it with a large variety of colors. A few of the colors that pair well with iron ore include nebulous white, extra white, and cityscape. 

Visit our website if you are looking for a home that demonstrates class and sophistication with westchester gray or iron ore accents and pieces: https://apdodson.com/home/materra-lot-38/ 

Blue: trust, wisdom, health

Known commonly for being associated with universal things, such as the sky and water, blue has been used in homes for years. Not only does blue allow other colors to pop in your home but also it catches the attention of visitors. Charcoal blue has the ability to bring out a sense of trust, loyalty, responsibility, wisdom, calmness, and health in your home. 

One of the many benefits of having charcoal blue in your home is the versatility of the color. It can be paired with gold, silver, creamy, gossamer veil, and moonlit orchids. A home that features versatility like this is Lot 141 in Meadows at Oak Grove. Charcoal blue pieces can be found in the guest bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, and island in the kitchen. With gold and marble pairing the blue island, the kitchen in this home exudes class and beauty. 

All of the homes included are available and looking for a family to move into the houses. Visit any of the links throughout this article to learn more about the available homes we have waiting for you. All of the colors in this article, including the paired colors, can be found at Sherwin Williams. AP Dodson is thankful and proud to be able to have our designated colors come from Sherwin Williams. 

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